Speech Therapy

Post Opperative Care

Operation Smile Jordan Speech clinic was established as a continuation of the postoperative follow-up programs which are provided to patients after Cleft lip and palate surgeries. Since the opening of the clinic around 108 patients had been evaluated and 20 were scheduled weekly for treatment, in 2008, Clinic opened its doors to children with cleft conditions, as all treatment and consultations were provided for free for all patients.

After the 6 months postoperative follow up visit for each patient, our speech therapists evaluate and schedule the patients for a treatment plan with the consultation of surgeons to record any further surgeries needed during future missions, as each patient requires 1 to 3 years of treatment plan provided by our specialized speech therapists.

Scheduled patients come to the clinic once a week for their speech training session that also includes training for the parents to be able to continue the treatment at their home.