Comprehensive Cleft Care: A Multidisciplinary approach Conference

Operation smile Jordan in partnership with the University of Jordan and the private hospitals association organized a regional medical conference called ” Comprehensive Cleft Care: A Multidisciplinary Approach”

The conference was held at the Regency Palace Hotel Amman, on Friday 29, March and Saturday 30, March 2019

In a bid to improve on the strategy for engagement in-country and to increase awareness of the organization’s work in the country and the region overall, the idea for the conference was birthed, to achieve these objectives.

The conference allowed medical volunteers, hospital staff, and other partners to experience an increased level of engagement and exposure to the international Operation Smile community, develop an increased awareness of the impact and breadth of Operation Smile, and appreciate their contribution as providers and advocates for safe surgical practice through shared learning and cross-collaboration.

The event included lectures, presentations, expert panels, training workshops, and seminars, where participants learned about best practices in patient-centered care delivery, education and training, and innovative technology deployed in comprehensive cleft care.

The theme for the conference was Comprehensive Cleft Care: A Multidisciplinary approach. It included a review of the current standards of care, best practices, and models of comprehensive care.

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