Sewar’s Smile

Feeding problems may threaten the lives of children born with cleft lip and palate, as it is difficult for parents who have a child with a cleft lip or cleft palate to deal with their newborn. The child in the early stages needs to follow a certain feeding techniques to be prepared for surgery with the appropriate time and weight.

“Sewar”, is a one-year and four months old child who represents an example of a successful treatment journey with Operation Smile Jordan.

“Sewar” was born with a cleft palate, cause of that, her mother was unable to breastfeed her normally because of the split in the roof of her mouth.

For six months, “Sewar” was receiving food through a tube in the nose, after that, her mother resorted to feeding her using the bottles designated for children with cleft. “Sewar” was unable to drink normally, due to another problem she had, which was a loosening of the throat muscles. Then started to use a cup to feed her, as she was unable to eat any type of food other than liquids.

After suffering for several months, medical professionals were unable to perform the reconstructive surgery because of her weight and the inability to eat food and obtain the needed nutritional supplements appropriate for her weight and age.

At the age of 14 months, “Sewar’s” mother received a recommendation to contact Operation Smile Jordan to assist her in Sewar’s treatment in the matter of feeding, swallowing, and surgeries.

When “Sewar” started with Operation Smile Jordan she was late for the surgery, and she was in need for feeding sessions to be able to eat probably. Her mother contacted the swallowing and speech therapist at the organization “Toqa Abu Haweeleh”  and started receiving feeding and swallowing sessions.

After four sessions, “Sewar” was able to start eating pureed and solid food by following the specialist’s instructions.

She weighed about 10 kilos when she reached 16 months, after that the surgery was carried out for her during the March Surgical program at the Speciality Hospital, and the surgery was successful.

“Sewar” is currently preparing to start receiving speech therapy sessions with Operation Smile Jordan’s therapist.